TOMY WATER GAME RING TOSS 80s vintage waterful

Presentation of Tomy waterful ring toss :

Up, up and up they go, where they'll come down, nobody knows !

Just a nudge of the thumb on the air button and the rings go sailing. If you're lucky, they'll loop over one of the swords. If you're unlucky, they slide into the opening on the right side of the tank. So keep your thumb on that button !

It's fluid fascination by the hour !

Ring-toss Tomy

"See how many rings you can get onto the pegs in 16 pushes. You get 1 point for each ring that lands on the left peg. For each ring that lands on the right peg you get 2 points. If you push harder the rings float farther but don't push too hard or the rings may drop into the water trap at the far right. Once a ring drops into the trap it is out of play. Count your points after 16 pushes and see if you're a ringmaster."

0 - 9 points OH NO !
10- 14 points OH MY !
15 - 19 points OH BOY !
20 - 25 points OH WOW !


" See who can get all of the rings on the pegs in the least amount of pushes."


"Set a time limit. See how many rings you can get on the pegs before your time is up."

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